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Hi. New user here


went through a very messy divorce about 4 years ago. She wanted out and wouldn’t give a reason. Turns out she was cheating and now she’s married to him. 

im a shift engineer by trade so spent so many years studying and sacrificing due to shifts to give them and my son whatever they wanted. She wanted the highlife but didn’t want to work or study for it. 

during the divorce process. My 12 year old at the time wouldn’t speak to her as he could see she wasn’t seeing reason. Wouldn’t try mediation or anything. I talked to him that it’s wrong what he’s doing and he should have a good relationship with both parents. She starts whispering in his ears and now the table had turned where I was to blame for everything. He didn’t want anything to do with me. I haven’t seen or heard from him since. What was upsetting was no one in authority tried to speak to him to understand why he’s behaving like this. 

I moved away and met someone and got married again. Got an amazing 6 month daughter and a new job. 

Had a verbal arrangement for child maintenance which I was paying by standing order every month. We had a joint account which tried to remove myself from. They need both signatures to do this. They tried to contact her but she wouldn’t respond so they put a block on the account. I was assured at the time by HSBC that money can still be paid in but nothing can be withdrawn until it’s is settled. What I didn’t know I’d that they put a full block on the account. So for that one month my child payment returned back to me. She kicked off even though I tried to explain that I’ve never missed a payment but she was hellbent on making it difficult for me. 

I’ve stared a new job with a lower salary. I’ve informed the CMA and they are still reviewing it. There is potential to earn some extra in the form of overtime. 

does the CMA base their calculations on my basic wage or do they take overtime into account. Overtime work is not guaranteed so I can’t rely on that. 

any help would be appreciated 


Topic starter Posted : 04/10/2022 5:15 pm
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if your paying maintenance through CMS, then yes they do take over-time, bonuses and pay rises into account. they also have a rule about 25% threshold. so if your income increases or decreases by 25% or more, should let them know. they review of your gross income every year.

Posted : 04/10/2022 9:03 pm

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