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Child Maintenance payments when I have a new partner

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I have a new partner who has 3 children, 1 still in education and their father passed away. My ex now wants to include my new partners salary in child maintenance payments and obviously it is causing issues on both sides. Quite rightly my new partner is upset as she has sole responsibility for her daughter with the father not being around so feels she should not be included in any maintenance calculations - where do we stand?

Topic starter Posted : 08/07/2024 4:03 pm
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I take it you have a private maintenance arrangement with ex? under CMS this would not be acceptable. new partner is not financially responsible for non resident parents children under child support laws. under CMS the paying parent can claim a reduction in payment to ex because they financially support other children(partners) or by living with them



Posted : 08/07/2024 11:25 pm

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