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Child Maintenance Query

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Hi Guys,

Not sure if any of you can help or maybe are in a similar situation.

I've been paying maintenance for my son for the last 7 years - a non CMS agreeing wit my ex.

My son has spent the last 2 years at college doing a BTEC but due to the pandemic was unable to complete all of the required coursework, he will be adding a further year to his studies which I obviously have no problem with. This will however be limited college time and some online coursework etc. He has decided to take up a warehouse job doing 4 x 12hr shifts (4 on and 4 off) again, more than happy about this but do I still continue to pay maintenance as he will be earning as well as going to college?

I'm unsure what to do next and am looking for some advice please.


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Topic starter Posted : 17/08/2021 4:38 pm
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You can check on rules.about when child benefit stops. Maintenance should end same time as child benefit ends





Posted : 19/08/2021 8:16 pm
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If you think, according to the rules, that you shouldn't be paying, then since you are not with the CMS, you can stop payments. You ex can open a case with CMS to get them re-started, but they will follow the rules and if your ex can't justify that you should pay, then that's the end of it.

Posted : 22/08/2021 12:49 pm

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