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Hi there,
I'm fairly new to paying maintenance.
I was hoping someone on here might be able to help clarify a few points for me. To reassure, my intent is not to get out of paying but to pay a viable amount, and get myself into debt, the calculation method has flawed parameters, and it can be crippling when your subject to several of these.
1/ Is you're on the Basic Plus rate, are you still eligible for overnight reductions?
2/ If you have (fully equal 50/50) shared care, CMS say they will review the case, but you will still pay an amount of maintenance unless the other parent agrees. Does anyone know what the payment % is applied in this scenario? Or has anyone been through this process?
There seems to be an oversight, whereby the receiving party has to close the case for maintenance to no longer apply. Has anyone had experience of challenging this?
3/ Is it possible to get your payment amount reviewed in the context where you loose an large amount of gross income in Tax/NI? Or to have the receiving parents income into account? You know its a flawed system when the solution is to earn less... does anyone have experience of switching jobs?
4/Does anyone know what calculation ratio CMS apply when you have (and live with) a child from a new relationship?
5/Does anyone have experience or learnings from relocating to a REMO / Non REMO country?
Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2024 10:51 pm
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