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CMS reduction?

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I have just had my P60 and earnt £44k last year my wage has reduced now to £39k. I also have a arrangement to see my son 30% of the time but he is wanting to come to me and more and more. I am having in around 40% now. I have considered the MIAM at £120 and the court costs £220 to see him more and pay less but i may not get this approved by the court. I would happily have him 50/50. My disposable income has reduced a lot and i am now struggling. He is 12 my Son. My payment is going to go to £315 PM soon and i need to try and get this down. Any ideas? thank you 

Topic starter Posted : 16/04/2024 12:37 pm
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CMS would only reduce your payments if your current wage drops by 25% or more. so by looks of things, that has not happened. if your income dropped to 33k or less, then they would reduce payments.

yes you could take court route and can try seek more time with child e.g 50/50 but no guarantee of getting it. still worth a try if your son wants to see you more.

Posted : 16/04/2024 1:02 pm

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