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CMS tribunal

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My income went down in 2019 & I eventually got taken to the tribunal despite CMS agreeing to all mandatory calculations etc. Due to unreal delays, they are only hearing the actual case next week - nearly 4 years later. In the following ive received new calculations  - all for more each year as things have improved. The tribunal will probably side against me & say i was diverting (they do this on a technicality) .. but will their decision affect all the new payments I’ve made each year after? My ex didn’t challenge them. Would she have needed to? How will a decison work? Any ideas -I’m worried sick 

Topic starter Posted : 13/03/2024 11:34 pm
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I recommend you join this support group for paying parents, theres many people there that have attended tribunals:



Posted : 14/03/2024 1:50 pm
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Do you have to pay to go to tribunal? If you represent yourself?


Posted : 22/03/2024 7:23 pm
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@dadsmithy no there should be no fee to attend a cms tribunal and self represent.



Posted : 24/03/2024 1:14 pm
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