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Free online course for separated parents
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Since we split up I have been paying child maintenance at an amount we both agreed, never missed a payment either. I have my boys 2-3 nights per week and have done since we split. 
my ex is now going to CSA and saying I only have them 1-2 nights per week, can she do this? It’s all to get more money out of me. I have done the online calculator for this and the payments would cripple me financially and that’s not considering the 20% extra they take! 
Also I pay into a private pension, is this considered when CSA do their calculations? 


Topic starter Posted : 15/05/2023 4:18 am
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CMS will only take an extra 20% if you don't pay and they have to chase it up (they put you onto collect and pay, rather than direct pay, which is the default method). It's difficult to prove how many nights you have them unfortunately, but if you are paying via CMS, then you don't need to pay for anything else that you may be paying, as this covers everything. Pensions are deducted from your gross pay before the calculation is made, so they do take account of this.

Posted : 15/05/2023 8:38 am

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