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Hi All

I'm a newbie here was looking for some advice about the CSA !

Here is my story, myself and my ex divorced  back in 2016 we have a daughter and my ex went straight to the csa without out my knowledge, I tried to come to an arrangement with her and offered her £200 per month ( she already had to sons form her previous marriage and there Father paid £200  total per month for both of the boys) so £200 for my daughter seemed fair to me plus I would also buy clothes, school shoes etc etc ! But she decided she wanted the csa involved and wanted nothing but a DOE set up ! So from Dec 2016 the CSA started to take whatever they worked out I should pay and my company always paid it to them! Anyway to cut a long story short and get straight to the point my daughter has now left the nest and set up her own home with her partner ( way to young to be doing it in my eyes) and she's moved out if her mothers and now lives 260 miles away.

The CSA sent me a letter stating that I no longer need to make payments for my daughter but also said I have arrears of around £1300 !!!!!! Considering that I've had a DOE since Dec 2016 and never missed a payment I asked where the arrears came from only to be told that the would look into it and send me a breakdown that was 7 weeks ago ! How can they possibly say "our records show" without evidence to back this claim up ? My boss is taking £98.00 per week until the arrears are cleared ( currently stands at £400) I have payslips showing every payment taken out of my wages so someone somewhere is telling porky pies ! I phoned them today and after being on hold for 56 minutes I finally spoke to a lady who couldn't understand where them came from either and said for me to ring back in the morning and that she has marked my file so I get put through to a caes worker ! 

So my questions are

1 how can they say I have arrears without evidence?

2. If they are wrong will I get refunded 

Thanks for reading 

Gloryhunter 🙃



Topic starter Posted : 09/06/2022 5:37 pm
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I don't understand how they put you onto DEO right away? usually they write to you, and default option is direct pay. then if your late with payments or miss them, then they take actions like collect and pay/DEO. It's possible the arrears could be refunded to you, if it's all incorrect.

I would recommend you join this CMS support group on FB:

Posted : 09/06/2022 7:06 pm

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