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Declaring a promotion?

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My CSA payments are calculated every July and this year the payments reduced by £10. I have my boys 3 times a week and have done for the past 6 years now.

After a week I received a lovely letter from CSA asking for payslips as my ex has contacted them stating I earn more than I declared as I have earned a promotion at work.

We both work for the same company so she knows the promotion process and how much I earn but she also understands I no longer do overtime so essentially it is a pay cut. 

CSA have taken this word and demanded my payslips - even though everything I earn is on the HMRC/P60. 

I explained this to the lady on the phone at CSA who pulled up my pay on HMRC and saw there was nothing to declare but still insisted they get copies of my payslips. 

Do I have to send the payslips through or surely the HMRC site is enough as that is how they should calculate? I don't want to be awkward but I feel my ex lying and trying to make things more difficult for me for the sake of £10 is all she is wanting. She lied when first setting up the payments saying I never paid a penny, so I had to prove that at the start with Bank Statements. 

The whole system just seems geared towards she can say jump and I have to say 'how high' rather than it being an equal 50/50 system? 

Topic starter Posted : 02/08/2022 8:56 am
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even though it's frustrating I suggest it's better to comply with them, can send them 3 recent monthly payslips. if the promotion does not make your gross income increase by 25% or more, then should be no need to inform CMS. they would just notice it at annual review time.

Posted : 02/08/2022 3:00 pm

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