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Ex has appealed to the CSA what can I expect?

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I have a court order which states that I can have my son 104 nights a year. Issue is I have not seen my son for well over a year as his mother has alienated him against me and does not want to see me anymore. 

Ex has contacted twice in the past the CSA saying that I have 0 nighs with my son so that she can get rid of the discount I was having due to the court order. I told the CSA I have a court order and there is no new order In place and given them a copy of the court order. The payments didn’t change. 

Now ex has appealed to the CSA about their decision. Surely the court order is valid until another has been produced by the courts? Will I lose my discount? She will get what she’s always wanted which is me out of my sons life and getting paid for it. 

Has anyone been in similar situations and what was the outcome? Any advice would be appreciated. 

thank you. 

Topic starter Posted : 19/11/2022 11:25 am
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I have heard of many situations like this, resident parent stops contact then tells CMS so they get more money. Awful. How old is child?

I would suggest you think about applying for enforcement to start seeing child again. Then can send updated court order to CMS. They are likely to stop the shared care discount in meantime if child is not staying overnights with you.


Posted : 19/11/2022 3:50 pm

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