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Help! Child now at uni but CMS still haven’t recalculated

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Hey all,


looking for advice please! My eldest started uni this week (she’s 19) and finished high school in July (A levels), She’s been working pretty much full time for the last few months and still living at home with her mum. Her choice I did say we would support her if she wanted to go to halls.

I have 3 other kids I pay for and I have advised the CMS 3 times now that my daughter is off to uni. My ex has contacted me this week and insisted I still have to pay this coming month (oct) the full whack. She says if I don’t she’ll contact the CMS. I have recalculated what’s owed, it’s a simple reduction of around £160 but I don’t want to pay it to her as my daughter really is an adult now.

How do I stand if I just recalculate myself and direct pay the adjusted amount to my ex (we use direct pay) when it’s due early next month? I don’t know how long it will take for the CMS to recalculate this and I doubt highly that if I pay this month I’ll get it back later done the line.


where do I stand legally? I’m tired of being held to ransom by my ex over stuff like this.

Topic starter Posted : 25/09/2021 4:03 pm
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As far as I'm aware if child started uni in September, then usually CMS ask you to make one last payment in September. Would be better to call them. Do you have any arrears to pay off?

Posted : 26/09/2021 2:08 pm
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@bill337 hey thanks for responding. Zero arrears and always paid on time. She’s already started uni and my next payment is not due until Oct, I’ve already paid Sep. My ex is demanding at least another month out me. I’ll try calling them but they are useless. I have a week before any more money is supposedly due. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/09/2021 5:43 pm
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I wouldn't pay another month. Let her go to the CMS, they will either say you have 1 more month in which case you pay it or that you don't and you don't have to worry about asking her for the money back which she is unlikely to pay back anyway. 

At this stage there is very little she or CMS can do. 

I don't believe you have any further payments to make. 


All the best 

Posted : 28/09/2021 8:02 am
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I agree, the worst that happens is that CMS say you've missed a payment and you have to pay it, but they won't put you onto direct pay at this stage fro a missed payment, and it might force CMS to actually do something about recalculating your payments.

Posted : 28/09/2021 5:09 pm

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