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Help CSA issue

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hope someone can help!

I divorced my ex wife 8 years ago and had a written agreement in place for 1 overnight a week and payment of £400 pm maintenance.

3 months ago she stopped me seeing my 2 kids and went to the CSA despite me never missing a payment (even when I was unemployed for a year during COVID).

I have contacted a solicitor re the access but the CSA are taking £600pm out of my wages and I can’t see where they are getting this figure from it’s killing me! 

I’ve since re married and my wife has a child who is 12 so assume she is my dependent. Despite numerous calls to CSA all I get is ‘we will look into it’, I’ve even contacted my local MP….I don’t know what to do, it’s killing my wife financially supporting us!

Topic starter Posted : 28/09/2022 10:09 am
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Hi Matt

have a look at this chat the guy may be able to help I think his email address is in one of the comments

see the link below


ADVICE AGAINST CMS – Child Maintenance – Forum


Posted : 28/09/2022 10:43 am
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hi, Mat

most likely CMS has used your last tax year income to work out maintenance. sometimes they even use a previous year to that. its also possible your ex has told CMS the kids do not stay overnight at all with you. if you speak to them they should be able to tell you what salary amount they used to work out your payments.

would recommend to join this support group for paying parents:

Posted : 28/09/2022 1:40 pm

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