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IF a child leaves education I shouldnt have to pay?

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My 'child' is 18 in March

She left school, started college, dropped out of college and got a job

She then moved into her own flat and worked full time at a supermarket.


She's now lost all of this by her mother tricking her to come on holiday and so she lost her flat and job... she's returned to living with mum


Question is, the legal advice I have states if the child chooses to leave education after 16 the payment stop... how does this work if they are, one for a word, useless in the outside world and return to mum and start all over again, can she now start claiming again at 17 or has the chance passed?


CMS have sent me a latter asking for £120 more a month to cover the 17 year old, I never miss a payment and so, will pay, but I have to ask the question.


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Topic starter Posted : 02/12/2021 6:19 pm
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can get confusing with all the rules and conditions. hope you can find some answers here:

seems a lot of it relies on the resident parent being honest with authorities.

Posted : 02/12/2021 10:42 pm

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