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If the CMS calculat...
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If the CMS calculated a wrong gross income

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Hello everyone, I went through a divorce recently and received a letter from the CMS stating how much I should pay.

They based their calculations based on the 28990£ annual income they received from HMRC, which is for some reason wrong as my income is around 44k per annum. My question is what should I do? 

also, I was planning to get a car through the NHS fleet salary sacrifice scheme, which means approximately 400£ will be deducted from my gross salary each month before tax, how would this affect my CMS payments?

thanks in advance

Topic starter Posted : 24/05/2023 7:47 pm
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Perhaps your last tax year income was £28k and they went off those records? CMS advise that if your income drops or increases by 25% then you should inform them. 

Am not 100% sure about the car scheme, but have comes across cases where a parent had to pay more maintenance because of company car scheme!

I recommend this support group for paying parents. Very useful:

Posted : 24/05/2023 10:54 pm
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