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Income big reduction CMS

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I earnt £40k last year my job has changed and i now earn £30k do i just ring them up and tell them this the CMS? i hope then for a decent reduction. I work in a commision job but my work can set me on a wage so this will reduce the bill as my wage has dropped dramatically anyway

Topic starter Posted : 04/08/2021 4:42 pm
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It needs to be 25% difference for it to be considered so theoretically they should reassess you. I think you need to provide 2 or 3 payslips. I would call them to ask what is required and then send letter by post and by portal.

Posted : 04/08/2021 5:11 pm
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Agree but use portal first then follow it up and always get a written confirmation of change then it's binding, x will go for a further review validation.

Posted : 06/08/2021 6:42 pm

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