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My ex in cms arrears can she start claim against me.

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Hi. I'm new to the forum so hello all. 

My child has lived with me the past 2 years in which my ex has not paid a single penny in CSA. I made my claim and got the schedule of what she should have paid, however she never made a payment. I repeatedly reported this to the CSA via the messages on the portal and they have never acted or done anything. Now my child has just gone back to live with their mum. Can she now open a claim against me - even though she is in arrears and my claim is still open? She has just been given the child benefit back this week, so I am expecting her to try now put a claim in with CSA, it would just be nice to know what I am dealing with here. As in my eyes - she cannot make a new claim while they're is already a claim on the child? (my claim). And my claim can not be closed until she pays back all the arrears? I wouldn't want to agree to close my claim if they deduct it from what I may now have to pay - as if I lost my job tomorrow and my liability became nil - I would lose everything that she should have paid for the last 2 years.


Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2022 5:40 pm
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i think what CMS will likely do is open a new case/counter claim if your ex contacts them. if they are informed that she gets child benefit, and child living with her, then very likely they will ask you to start paying maintenance. Am not sure what happens with your case. if you want to pursue her for the unpaid amounts, you could make complaint to their senior manager: and copy in your MP.

Posted : 26/05/2022 10:23 pm

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