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Need advice not sure what to do

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I am writing on behalf of my husband as he isn't sure what to do. When he was young and dumb,  he made two babies twins. They were in a relationship until she decided that wanted she wanted to be with her husband, and he took responsibility to my husbands dismay he tried but was told to stay out of their lives 5 years later dad splits and mum decides now she wants him. she wants money CSA to the rescue but still she refused contact even going as far as to accuse that the children were conceived through rape. 4 years ago before my husband and I got married we were confronted at my child's play, to be told that he is a dead beat and refuses to have a relationship with the twins (mind blowing) I offered and still they have never once spoken to us but csa sends us a letter if we are a day late. 
Now the twins will be 18 in June, he doesn't know if they attend college he doesn't know what to do, he has no parental right to find out he is not on the birth certificate. But if he is a day late with the money she is on the phone to CSA. How does he make sure that she is not shafting the system and that the kids are in college or when can he stop paying. 
Just please a pointer in the right direction, it's never a problem paying but she has had it long enough. 
Topic starter Posted : 20/06/2024 6:45 am
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it's very difficult to find status of childrens education if a parent is absent, by choice or not. CMS use child benefit to decide if maintenance is to continue to be paid. so maintenance stops when children leave full time education. maintenance stops if kids start university. final cut off is when kids reach age 20. he can still contact CMS to ask about this.

Posted : 20/06/2024 11:49 am

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