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Paying for 18 year old who is not doing education

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My son was doing a college course but just before his 18th birthday quit and then decided to study at home to retake his GCSE’s.

He has since decided he can’t be bothered to do that either and knowing I have to pay maintenance to his mother until the age of 20 simply does nothing with his time and instead just spends weeks at a time staying with his partner. I informed the CMS stating this but they said he was entitled to redo his GCSE’s and therefore I had to continue to pay. The CMS essentially cut me off and would not listen to my argument against still having to pay.

Not sure now where to take this as it seems very unfair I have to pay when he is doing nothing with his time, although ‘registered’ as redoing his GCSE’s??? Surely there has to be some evidence provided that he is in some sort of education?

Any advice? 

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2022 11:38 pm
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the way system works is that child maintenance payments continue as long as child benefit payments are still ongoing, and child is in full-time education (non-advanced). it is often left to the primary carer to inform child benefit office of any changes:

Posted : 17/05/2022 11:10 am

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