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Should I pay CSA?

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Hi folks,


Here’s my situation. I have my baby son for 3 nights, bi weekly, 70+ days a year. According to the CSA calculator I should pay £256 a month.

But, my child lives over 200miles from me in area not easily accessible by public transport. My total costs every month exceed £240 on travel alone if by train or car. 

Should I be paying anything at all in these circumstances, especially as I have regular overnight contact in spite of the distance. 

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2021 12:09 am
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Not sure if you are paying by private agreement using the online calculator or via the CMS, but you should apply to the CMS for a variation to account for these special expenses for keeping in contact with child.

However, your £240 isn't offset against the £256. Instead the way it works is to work out your annual expenses so in your case £2880 and this amount is deducted from your salary and then your new CMS amount is calculated.

Hope this makes sense, all the best. 

Posted : 10/08/2021 8:22 am

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