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[Sticky] Variation and diversion of income

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Many thanks to @Will99 for this information - quoting his reply to another post


This link is to a comprehensive document dealing with all different kinds of variation, Chapter 36 deals with diversion of incomee :-

One specific way to divert income is via additional pension contributions - for this specific method there are threshold values in para 36014 which detail what is an 'acceptable' level of pension contribution based on % of income and your age. However note that the age in this table is when you started making pension contributions - and I think this is often misunderstood even by CMS themselves as your current age. In any case I think this table is almost unusable in my view because you may have stopped and started contributions throughout your working life - and para 36012 bullet 7 refers to this as a consideration.

Para 36019 states that the Decision Maker should initially refer to para 36014, but in complex cases (or where either party disputes the decision) the table in para 36020 should be used instead. This is much easier to apply and depends on your current projected pension income and your current income.

Topic starter Posted : 23/06/2022 3:48 pm
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Hi - just to add that someone else (apologies I can't recall who, but thank you anyway) posted a link to the 'Child Maintenance Decision Makers Guide', from where you can access the above information relating to variations along with other information :-


edit - it was @world-traveller that posted the above link. Thank you !

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Posted : 23/06/2022 4:26 pm
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