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[Solved] Advice please

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Hi guys,
I need some advice or something please.
So me and my ex was together all the way through her pregnancy, i went to every appointment.
Everything she wanted for the baby i got her,
I spent thousands, pampers nappies, designer clothes, private scans.
So. My daughter was born by emergency csection, which my girlfriend at the time wanted her mum in there with her not me.
I didn't think nothing of it, if thats what she wanted.
Then the next day she ended it...
She tells me when i can and cant see my daughter, when i can it for an hour at a time. Im not allowed to hold her, not allowed to take photos, no kissing. She was less than 2 weeks old and drove half. Way across the country on holiday for a week without telling me.
She text me when she was 6 weeks old saying she has already registered our daughter with her last name and im not on the birth certificate. I hardly see my daughter now. Only when it suits her, (maybe an hour every 2 weeks, at her house) she says that my daughter is not coming anywhere with me as she is "breastfeeding" i appyled for. Mediation which she refused i have appyled for. Parental responsibility and court which we have a date. Ever since she has her court letter she told Me im not to contact her at all until further notice. Im heart-broken i just want to see my daughter. What of she doesnt turn up to court? She went through csa so i pay for My daughter. Which she now. She Gets less from csa than i was giving her without going through them.
None of my family has even meet my daughter.
Can anyone help give me advice.
Anyone been through the same? What access was yoir granted?

Topic starter Posted : 28/01/2020 3:34 am
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The best way which is not nice is to try and get a few hours contact every week by organising something with ex. At this early stage there isn't much a family court can do in regards to contact other than give you a few hours a week access. This is due to mum breastfeeding and cause baby is so young.
Unless she comes to an arrangement with you , it is very difficult to get regular contact including overnights until your child is 2 years old.

If you give your ex a bit of space and accept the few hours here and there perhaps she will calm down over the next few months and things will sort themselves out. if not I think family court is something to consider a bit further down line

Posted : 28/01/2020 4:01 am
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Thank you.
Since she had her court date through she has stopped all access completely and will not reply to any text.
What will happen if she doesnt turn up?

Topic starter Posted : 28/01/2020 12:19 pm
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if she does not turn up, it is likely that court will just adjourn (postpone) hearing and set another date. i can relate to this as i went to court about similar. new born baby involved. she showed no interest in letting me see baby. court ordered that she give me private room at her place, and let me sit there every saturday for 30 mins, before picking up other kids. that was interim(temporary). then contact with baby moved to local coffee shop. 1 hour every 2 weeks. i just got out of court today, for more time. now its gone up to 2 and half hour every 2 weeks. baby is just over 1 years old. its not over yet and have to go back to court in 2 months. so eventually this will increase to reasonable times like 6-7 hours a day, and overnights some day, probably next year.

what your going through is tough and horrible, but please stay patient.

Posted : 28/01/2020 11:43 pm

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