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[Solved] New competition

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Enter here
The baby website is doing a competition

To win 1 of 8 personalised childrens door plaques
Competition ends 9th January

Even though there doing the competition for us.
I don't have a hand in who wins.

Believe me your kids will want one of this.
this is my website

What better way to get your kids to sleep with out the lights being left on.

If any one wants to do a competition for
reply to this thread?

And ill set one up for us.


Topic starter Posted : 21/11/2012 3:50 pm
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Cheers Basszebra

It's a lot of hard work.
we're the first to do this sort of artwork.
And the good news it keeps me out of the pub.

Topic starter Posted : 22/11/2012 4:30 pm
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Thanks mate for saying so.

I suppose it can be done.
There are artist that do glow in the dark artwork using prints.
i had a big problem when i started. where do you start.
You can buy glow in the dark ink for the big printing companys
I guess if this kicks off the next step will to look at the printing side.

But the ink is not that great compared to the paint

The artwork that i do is done using stencils a bit like Banksy
But on a smaller scale.

The other site i've got i do optical illusions to Bob Marley

there all hand painted, The stencils actually take longer to cut then doing the painting.
And each piece that we do has three layers of paint to give a maximum glow.

It can take up to 2 hours from start to finish

Topic starter Posted : 23/11/2012 8:26 pm

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