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I messed up, am in ...
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I messed up, am in the wrong but i still should have rights..

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  1. Hi Mods, I wanted to ask here rather than on the main forum and get shot down in flames.
  2. I don't know how much to admit as I may be on the wrong goes...please don't judge me...
  3. I used drugs whilst looking after my 11 year old. She was asleep in no danger. However, irrelevant I'm in the wrong and until I co my with whatever is required, will unfortunately be at the mercy of whatever mum decides.
  4. Mum said she went ro the school who said it's a safeguarding issue, spoke to dlsocial srvixes and I'm not allowed any contact indefinitely.
  5. I accept I'm wholly in the wrong and will do the work necessary to prove to the courts I'm clean and fit and able to look after my daughter.
  6. I did ask why I wasn't invited to the meetibg at the school or at least have a representative attend. Plus where is thebwritten outcone kfbthis meetings. Seems there isn't one.
  7. As usual this time of year CM issue an annual statement. We have a private arramgemebtbwhere I pay £400 plus any extras such as school shoes, clothes bags, triosbetcm I have never mixed 1 osyment
  8. My question is thisbis all being dictated by mum. It's my daughters bdaybtomorrow, we had been coparwntibg and as I'm not allowed have asked for half the money back which was declined in factvshe wanst note which I can't afford.
  9. Is mediation the first option both in relation to: access ro my daughter andbCM payments.

Hopefully you don't judge me, I lapsed and irrespective of whether I was fit to look after our daughtervmentioing drugsbtyoically means I'm in the wrong and must accept my punishment  which I'm hsppybro so, I just don't think mum is the one to dole it out.


Any advice?


Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2024 11:03 pm
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do you have a court order in place to see child?

if not, then you can skip mediation, because of safeguarding, risk of harm to child. you can submit a c100 form online for child arrangements:  .

it costs £232, but if your getting benefits, it is free if you fill in a form caled help with fees:


if you need advice, feel free to get in touch. sending you a private message.

Posted : 16/03/2024 3:33 pm

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