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Free online course for separated parents
New here and lookin...
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New here and looking for some help

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Hi there, 

I've just signed up after being told about your site. I'm not sure where to post my question and I woder if I could ask your advice on this. Following a court order I have to attend a course the CAFCASS officer named as "Managing Strong Emotions" to be able to progress contact with one of my children. The problem is no one I have spoken to (including CAFCASS multiple times) can actually find me a course even remotely close to this and time is running out for me to complete this. I've exhausted all the places and people I can think to talk to and wondered if anyone here might be able to help. Thanks 

Topic starter Posted : 09/02/2023 3:33 pm
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hi, would it be this course?:


I find it strange that Cafcass are not being clear about the course. Did you contact the Cafcass officer that wrote a report about you and recommended this emotions course?

Posted : 09/02/2023 4:28 pm

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