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[Solved] Bought a fish tank to teach her to be responsable.

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So last week I bought a fish tank for my children, they should learn how to be responsible for somebody or something. I want to fulfil it with rocks and algae and stuff like that, but I need to know what should I use. Every day when my children come home, they go to the fish tank and start feeding the fish, but we want to make everything to be beautiful for them, those fishes should feel like they are in their environment.

Topic starter Posted : 23/01/2020 11:17 am
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Hello, Why not take your children to their local pet store and have a talk with an assistant about how to look after fish? The internet has lots of good advice about pets. It is good to teach your children responsibility, and helps to prepare them for later in life.
All the best, Parent Support Volunteer, Fegans

Posted : 26/05/2020 3:32 pm
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I seem to recall from my days of having goldfish (a long, long time ago) that they shouldn't be over fed, so definitely get advice on this.

Posted : 26/05/2020 9:48 pm
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I love your educational methods to grow your kids. Responsibility is a trait that should be imposed from childhood into children’s education. It’s really important especially for small boys who will have to take care of families in future. Fishes are a great start to make them understand how to be responsible of something else, not only for their lives. I know for sure that fishes shouldn’t be fed more than one time per day. These small creatures don’t eat a lot. There is a beginner saltwater fish named Tangs which eats only one time in 3 days. You should make a small research how to take care of the fish you bought. In addition, the cage should be cleaned one time in two weeks. This is mostly it about fish.

Posted : 29/05/2020 7:33 pm

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