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[Solved] From nursery to primary school

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My little (well not so little now!) girl will be making the move up from nursery to primary school in September. I have a court order in place at the moment which is alternate weekends and Wednesday overnight (collection from nursery at 5:15pm). This is working relatively straight forward with little conflict for all concerned.

My ex partner has communicated via text (I wish she would use the communications book we use!!) what arrangements we can put in place when she starts school.
I would love to spend more time with my daughter but it will have to be a healthy balance with work. My ex partner lives and works within a 60 second drive from the primary school. I am 30 mins work to school and 15 mins home to school drive.

I know this will all be about a compromise and I am thankful that for the fist time in a couple of years this might actually be arranged outside the court room but I still have a gut feeling that I will be shafted in some way.

Thoughts and opinions welcomed.

Topic starter Posted : 30/06/2016 3:43 pm
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Hi There,
I would stay calm and collected, if your ex replies with something you don't agree with or doesn't agree with something you have suggested, then leave it a few hours before replying so that you don't say anything you could regret and make things worse.
Try and compromise as much as you can., as you say you would prefer to make arrangememts outside of court, you may have to have the patients of a saint to get through it, but if you can make an arrangment out of court then things as I'm sure you know will be a lot better.
Good luck and keep us posted.

Posted : 30/06/2016 6:11 pm
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You could try to push for more than you expect to get, and then compromise back to a level that she is happy with - that way she might feel like she's beaten you a little, but in reality, you've got what you were after all along.

Posted : 01/07/2016 2:34 am
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I guess both of your work patterns will have to be considered? If the mother works on Weds and your daughter will be going to after school club, then is there any reason for it to change? If the mother doesn't work Weds, could you propose you collect from the mother's house on a Weds? Take your time responding and try to think of ways around it before putting forward your proposals. It's difficult to see through to the practicalities when emotions are running high. Feel free to pm or email me if you still have my info. Good luck 🙂

Posted : 01/07/2016 12:11 pm

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