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Help - ex refuses t...
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Help - ex refuses to tell me where child goes to nursery

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currently going through the family court to apply for a child arrangement order as ex has frozen me out my 18 month old child’s life. I currently doing have any direct contact with my son and only met him 5 times since birth

my ex mentioned in a video call that our son is in a nursery. I didn’t even know he was in a nursery as she never tells me anything about his development. I’ve asked her where he goes to nursery and she refuses to disclose it.

This is very upsetting as I am his dad and feel I have a right to know about his schooling education and development. is there anything I can do about this?


help is much appreciated

I have parental responsibility

Topic starter Posted : 27/11/2022 4:54 pm
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Yes, you do have a right to know  about his schooling and indeed, you have a right to be consulted on where he goes to school.  You are also entitled to have reports from school about his progress.  Hopefully you can sort this out when you have your hearing for contact.  She may accuse you of domestic abuse during this process.  Also, be prepared to have supervised contact at first as he is young and you haven't seen him very much so he'll need time to get to know you.

Posted : 27/11/2022 6:03 pm
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Hope your well. How are the child arrangements proceedings going, have you had a first hearing?

Posted : 27/11/2022 8:34 pm

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