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Hi just need some advice please, I have a FDR Hearing on the 13th November, as I am the applicant and my ex has no legal representation, I will have to prepare the Electronic Bundle. I have done all the paperwork for the first hearing, unfortunately due to financial circumstances I don't have a laptop or scanner. How much would a law firm charge to compile my paperwork for the Electronic Bundle, or there a cheaper way to do it.

Topic starter Posted : 30/09/2023 4:26 pm
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you could go internet cafe. take all paperwork with you. scan them and merge into single PDF file. can use sites like to do this. or if shop has good version of abode acrobat, can use that. they can help if your unsure how to merge all pages together.

according to court guidance, it states every page should be numbered, typed. (not handwritten page numbers.)

Posted : 01/10/2023 3:14 pm
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Alternatively, try your local library, they quite often have computers you can use for free.

Posted : 04/10/2023 12:49 pm

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