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[Solved] Help required , How to obtain contact with my children

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I have been struggling to obtain contact with my children since seperating from my wife in Nov 18.

I have 2 girls aged 17 and 14 and 2 boys aged 11 and 7.

When we split initially my ex said the children needed time to adjust to things and didn't want to spend time with me , i observed this for the kods sake and then after a couple of months of trying to arrange contact with them , she then changed the story to say the kids didn't want to spend anytime with me at all.
This has then been a recurring theme since with further disagreements with my ex about contact , they have since moved house and the stress of moving was used as excuse to keep me away as my ex didn't have time to deal with it .
After moving she dangled the carrot of me spending time once they had settled but again this never happened and when i pressed the issue again she blocked all contact from me.
I have tried to go through a mediation company to arrange contact but she refused to reply to their communication.
I'm not in a position to spend a fortune on solicitor fees and she knows that as i am left paying credit card debts so don't have a load of cash to try and resolve this.

Any help or advice any one can give is much appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 24/01/2020 10:58 pm
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Hi if she’s refused the mediator then signs a form that then allows
You to go to court ,the fee is £215 but you may be able to get assistance with that .
The process is doable without paying for barristers etc and the family court is much less formal than criminal and then understand people are solicitors so don’t worry too much about technicals. . They will guide you and if you’re un represented they will help
You with templates etc plus this site will help massively . It took
A year from start to finish to get my order so don’t delay In applying .yoi don’t need Solicitor etc you can do all the form filling etc yourself .

Posted : 24/01/2020 11:35 pm
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please visit

depending on your location, it may let you make the c100 application online and its so easy. if you dont have a form signed by mediator yet, you can save the online c100 application and return to it later.

one thing that could be come an issue in court are ages of your children: 17 and 14 and 2 boys aged 11 and 7

if the 17 and 14 year old tell the court they don't want to see you, then there is not much the court can do about that. just hope your ex has not been brainwashing them.

Posted : 24/01/2020 11:55 pm
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