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Christmas shopping for their mum... its not too late!

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Guys - read a great tip the other day.

"If you have non-adult kids, make an evening to take them shopping for whatever gifts they need to buy for their Mum this Christmas. This is a huge help to your wife/partner - both because she does not have to do it, and because it gives her an evening of quite around the home.

By the way, had a fellow this week tell me that the yearly shopping with dad night is one of his fond memories. So don't just do it for your wife/partner, do it for the kids too. Make a tradition of driving through a neighborhood with lot's of lights on the way home, or stop for a treat when the shopping is done."

We went and did it... had great fun and then a healthy McDonalds to finish..... Thinking of making it a new family tradition!!

Have a fab Christmas!! 😀

Topic starter Posted : 19/12/2008 2:35 am

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