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[Solved] Special Time

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My wife and i take our kids out individually once each school term... we call it special time and its a great time to just be one on one with them... We set a budget but they can choose what we do (usually it involves food and a small activity - nothing too fancy its about the time together)..

Anyway this weekend i went out with my teenager and i was determined both to build our relationship and have a laugh.. We went for some (fast!) food and then onto the cinema... Conversation began to flag and i had a sudden brainwave that worked; i said :

You've got to tell me two things about yourself i could never know and i'll do the same

Genius - obviously i had to air some of my skeletons (i focussed on some of the things i did as a teenager myself - some of which my mum still doesn't know 🙂 unfortunately she has the reverse over me!

Thought it was a good one to share on the forum... any other top tips on spending quality time with you kids?

Topic starter Posted : 21/10/2008 4:25 am
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Great idea...when my daughter was little we used to go out on 'dates' together. Usually to see a movie, just the two of us. Haven't done it in a while though so will see what she is doing this weekend... 😀

Posted : 23/10/2008 2:08 pm
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on the advice of a mate i started spending one on one time with my sons. With the older one i tried to do really big adventure stuff last August we went camping overnight in a another mates farm. It was awesome, we played pirates and stayed up really late, lite a fire and had a fab time. Then in the moring we helped with the animals ands headed off to McD's for breakfast.

If your on Facebook go to the dadtalk facebook group to see a video of our adventure! 😀

Posted : 23/10/2008 4:22 pm

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