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19 year old & maint...
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19 year old & maintenance

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  1. My child is 20 in October, he took an extra year at college & his current course finished in April 22, CMS have sent new schedule till May 23, Childs mum says he is undecided whether to do an additional year until he us 21, he is currently working since he left collage in April. Do I need to continue paying child maintenance until he decides what to do as he is 20 in 4 months? 
  2. CMS say to continue paying even though he is working and if he doesn’t go back then stop paying then. Childs mother won’t tell me if she is still getting child benefit or my & CMS say they haven’t checked ??
  3. Thank you! 
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Topic starter Posted : 07/06/2022 9:25 pm
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CMS are able to check the status of child benefit, they are practically the benefits office (DWP). I think you should push them to check. if they don't, can put in a complaint. But generally with child benefit/maintenance, when child reaches age 20, they will be removed from their systems by default, and maintenance payments stop. I have seen letter that CMS sent to a parent, informing them as child is now 20, they will be removed from their system and case closed. so if child benefit is still active then very likely CMS will ask you to keep paying.



You’re normally expected to pay child maintenance until your child is 16, or until they’re 20 if they’re in school or college full-time studying for:

  • A-levels
  • Highers, or
  • equivalent.

Child maintenance might stop earlier – for example, if one parent dies or the child no longer qualifies for child benefit. u're%20normally%20expected%20to,equivalent.


Posted : 08/06/2022 2:40 pm

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