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2 month tenancy - council tax

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Sorry if this is the wrong board.

I'm selling my house on 5th march and will be moving into a short term rental accommodation whilst I house hunt.

It's a 2 month rental contract that becomes one month rolling after the initial two month period. The rent includes utilities and council tax. It's clearly states in the contract.

I wont be there no more than 2 months.

I'm wondering if I should inform the local borough that my rent includes council tax.

I will ask the landlord to prove that the council tax has been paid for the 2 months I'm there but if he refuses this request what are my options.

I'm quite lucky to find someone willing to offer me a short term tennacy whilst I house hunt for a place to buy. The landlord has been quite flexible but I can tell she is getting frustrated with my paranoia and constant worrying. I've convinced her to give me receipts for my payments, include utility bills in rent etc she is quite desperate to have someone in to pay the mortage for the house so she has been flexible. I'm worried the council tax request might trigger her to tell me to bugger off lol

However, I just dont want to get in trouble since I've always paid my taxes and done everything proper. Just want to make sure everything is done properly. I'm tempted to call the borough to see if the tax is being paid but if she finds out she could get upset I went behind her back.

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2021 3:05 am
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I live as a lodger and rent includes all bills and council tax.

As long as you have written confirmation, you have nothing to worry about... Your landlord will not change council tax to you for a 2 month let..

Don't tell the Borough Council they may actually try to add you to the bill causing issues for you and landlord.

All the best.

Posted : 21/02/2021 12:08 pm
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You dont need to inform anyone. Basically shes offering you a short term solution and saying council tax is included , because she alreadys pays it for the property. If you were wanting to claim housing benefit then that wouldnt be possible. Its a one off fee and no doubt bills are included as well.

Stop panicking . You are doing the homeowner a favor as likes she says its for her mortgage. Its as long as you are happy with what she is charging. I am sure its very reasonable as council tax is extortionate. Ringing up council tax office would anger her no doubt if u did that.

Posted : 21/02/2021 2:11 pm
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Thanks for the advise.

It makes sense, it's not worth the hassle for her to secretly switch the council tax bill to my name for just 2 months.

I'll rest easy 🙂

Topic starter Posted : 21/02/2021 3:35 pm
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Hey, I hope you're selling your house only to buy a better one, lol! If so, congrats on your success. I've been dreaming of buying one for the last couple of years, as I'm sick of rental accommodation. However, the covid madness delayed my plans. I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about regarding your question. Cheers!

Posted : 25/02/2022 1:18 pm

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