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[Solved] CMS payment

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I have now been made redundant, my new wife has inherited a lot of money and has her own successful business . So I don’t need to work much . If my wife is a millionaire but doesn’t give me any money just covers my bills etc because our dual income doesn’t allow me any universal credit either , would I need to pay my ex any CMS ?
If the answer is no then I would prefer to put aside any savings I have for my children in a bank account for when they are old enough to make use of it . If I pay my ex money it goes straight into wine !

Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2020 5:28 pm
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no your wife's money has nothing to do with how much child maintenance you have to pay to your ex. it would only be an issue if you hold a joint account or business with your wife, or if you work for her.

Posted : 29/07/2020 6:29 pm
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As above, yuor wife's income does not come into the calculation. Bear in mind, however, that your ex still does have costs relating to your children, so if you can afford to pay towards them, it will give them a better standard of living now.

Posted : 30/07/2020 2:50 am

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