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[Solved] when does child maintenance stop

Hayley Jones
(@Hayley Jones)
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Does anyone know if a child (17 years old turned 18 in july) that finishes college in may, and goes straight into work do i contine to pay until 31st aug
or would it stop when he started work.

Also, i know if a child finishes college and re starts in sep you have to pay all the way through, but what happens if a child leaves college but doesnt start a new college until after oct half time in nov. Would that be classed a gap and therefore payment stopped. I was under the impression that the course needed to start in sep to qualify

Also just found out my eldest left college a year early when i was paying through the csa. I am just in the process of closing cms payments so would they be able to offset my outstanding balance as the CSA is no longer about

Topic starter Posted : 21/12/2019 10:47 pm
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as soon as your child finishes college and starts working, you should ring CMS asap and let them know. they should be able to advise you when to stop payments. i heard CSA/CMS are not too bothered if you have over-paid. probably unlikely you will get any money back.

Posted : 22/12/2019 10:36 pm
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Although he finishes in May, the course actually probably runs untill the official end of term, which will be July. On tha basis, you will pay until September, I believe.

As Bill says, the CSA aren't generally concerned with overpayments, and anyway, they only recalculate from the day they are notified, so if they weren't notified at the time, then there is technically no overpayment.

Posted : 24/12/2019 9:58 pm

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