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Non compliance to court order
by PAC
12 hours 44 minutes ago
This is probably the hardest area to deal with, you really want to have fun all the time, but sometimes...

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Self-esteem is our personal foundation to take us through everyday interactions with people, we need to look after it!

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Re: Emotionally battered
by Argentarii
4 days 22 minutes ago
Whether you are finding alcohol or drugs is starting to affect your life and you want to cut down, or whether you are a member who is, or has been adversely affected by thye alcohol or drug use of someone close to them, you can discuss the issues in here

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The place to discuss all aspects of child maintenance.

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Re: Shares
by smudge73
8 hours 50 minutes ago
It seems that every day the world is getting more dangerous for our children...

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How do we as fathers help our children learn?

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Re: Changing school
by Mojo
2 weeks 2 days ago
Don't know what to expect when you're expecting? Then you have come to the right place. Of course you have questions - so feel free to ask.

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Re: Rights for Newborn
by Mojo
3 weeks 1 day ago
Talk about the high and low points of family life!

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Discussions on fathering children of all ages

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Money, money, money - far too much hangs around this...

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Need some advice or help or just a second opinion about legal stuff to do with your family or kids?

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Minute of agreement
by Liamw90
3 hours 36 minutes ago
Chat about men's health issues or discuss child's health issues like acne, shaving, hygiene, contraception, smoking, alcohol, drugs and much more

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Re: Broke my ankle!!
by Mojo
2 days 13 hours ago
Talk about everything and anything to do with Relationships.

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What is the difference between a co-parent and a Dad? What makes a Dad a Dad?

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Surname ???
by mb1183
Just now
We need money to live, but if we have no family life why bother with the money...

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In this day and age the importance of being a Step-Dad cannot be stressed enough. Here you can discuss what it means to be a Step-Dad, how to be a Step-Dad, what does a Step-Family mean and how to interact with your Step-Children.

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