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TOPIC: Just got back from non-molestation hearing...

Just got back from non-molestation hearing... 1 year 5 months ago #93399

To a1dad2be,
Regarding proving you're no danger to your kids, when faced with this allegation what are your options?

If you are not a risk then why is she saying it and has she any proof to say you are? …. if No is the answer then it's her word against yours.

Can you prove your not? …. If you are not then, Yes you can! if you have been having contact with the kids since you split then you have that as your proof, you will know when you saw them, how long for and where you took them… When you had them did you take photos of your days out? selfies, places you visited etc…

I know I did…parks – photo of child in front of animals or signs at the places we visited…or just in the house drawing pictures, building lego, all the usual stuff that you’d do….all those showed that we had contact and what we did when we had it.
It may not be proof like you thinking but it shows child with you and if she allowed that then why would she now claim you’re a threat…..thats how i would be challenging it!

Why has she now decided to stop contact if you’d been having it before?
Was it because an argument with you? Have you started seeing someone? (that seems to kick things off a lot of times). Have you argued over contact…money…usualy cr*p?
If any of those then i’d say she’s being vindictive and trying to get back at you in the only way she knows she can get at you….by using the kids!

Regarding means to support your kids…..as long as you can feed and keep a roof over yourself why wouldn’t you be able to look after your kids?
You’re looking at contact not taking kids away from her.

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i'm not legally trained....i'm just a Dad going through hell to see his child grow up and become a decent man and human being.....my goal is simple...to be the father to my child like my father is to me...my hero.

Started this battle 2010.....who knows when the fighting will stop!

Parental Alienation is real and is abuse!
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