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Big delay to court date, Non-Mol, What to expect next

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I have now attended and finished the non-mol hearing i accepted it for 6 months with no proof and contested being noted. I am not bothered about this the whole thing is a waste of time when i have never done anything wrong anyway it is done.

I applied the C100 late May and have had a court date of November. This seems a long long time i have emailed the court asking if this can come forward or what i can do in the meantime to see the kids. My oldest child is asking to see me via texts. 

It will be 6 months of not seeing the kids come November. What happens in this hearing? will the judge give me temporary order to see the kids after this hearing? i have done nothing wrong again but expect lies to be made up against me to delay the process. 

Any advice is welcome.


Topic starter Posted : 06/09/2021 11:30 am
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the 1st hearing will be pretty basic. they will want to know what the issues are. It's very likely that their social workers(Cafcass) will phone you a few days before the hearing to find out what issues are. they will make a recommendation to court about what should happen next. they usually send you a safeguarding letter about the phone call you had with them, and they send to court. at 1st hearing they act on that safeguarding letter. they may decide that a welfare report needs to be done, like a section 7 report. that takes about 8-12 weeks. If cafcass say theres no child welfare concerns, then things would be easier for you.

If your ex makes allegations about you and if court think their serious, then they may not allow child contact at 1st hearing. You should ask for contact in the interim, while those hearings go on.

Posted : 06/09/2021 12:03 pm

how contact centres work

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Thank you! she made allegations against me at the non mol but proved them wrong. Because she has said i manhandled her they put the order on me but anyone can say anything can't they. Ive a clear record with social services and the police. Cafcas advised to the court on waiting the outcome of the non mol which means nothing i presume as it isn't a criminal conviction. Basically i will go in November she will make stories up so not sure where that leaves me they must see this all the time. The judge at the non mol gave her quite a hard time i think they knew from my evidence she was wasting there time. 


Topic starter Posted : 06/09/2021 12:10 pm

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