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C100 consent order

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Hi all

I submitted the c100 form and it asked me to do this.
The agreement that i need to send, is it a plan for how me and the mum share our times with the kids, as in what days? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks 
Send your proposed agreement for the consent order
As you are applying for a consent order, you need to send your agreement to the court. You can do this by email or post.

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2022 7:59 pm
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Have you had mediation with your ex, where you both agreed on child arrangements? 

Posted : 10/08/2022 8:39 pm

how contact centres work

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@bill337 thank you so much for replying.


I'll give a bit of background. I have not seen my kids since 8/6/22 when my wife left with the social worker and the cops. I have tried whatever i could from my end.


I wrote a
letter to my wife who went into a refuge. I begged her in that to
allow me to see the kids. Gave the letter and gifts to the social
worker on 15/6. The social worker didn't tell me if my wife was
given the letter or if she read the letter because "she didn't have
mum's permission". I wasn't told if my son got the gifts i sent for
him for his 3rd birthday.

I went to see her brother to speak to him about it. Drove to his
house, he wasn't there, then to his work, he wasn't there, came
back to his house. Again, he wasn't there. I called him and all he
said was that "I'm out, I'll call back" and then hung up and blocked
my number. I sent him a lot of texts which he reported to the
police but said he didn't want to pursue the complaint. Police told me this coz they hv to let the suspect know.
A couple of weeks later i sent a long text to her brother in her country of birth asking him to convince her to come back. No response. I have
given it 2 months thinking she might come back but i can't wait
any longer.

I have not gone through mediation because i don't know my wife's
address or contact no. and when the social worker came she said
to my wife "we're here to take you to someplace safe"

Police had already been called twice to our house

first time they questioned me as my wife said mother and baby care unit at hospital where she stayed that i assaulted her when she was pregnant. If she
didn't respond to the letter she won't be agreeing to a mediation.
There are no parenting plans in place. I want to be able to at least
spend the weekend with my kids.
I don't want her to take the kids to her motherland until they grow up and
have a say in it themselves. My reasons, things my wife has told me herself. It's for the
kids' safety. That was the main reason for the breakdown in our

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2022 8:49 pm
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Ok so in your situation, sending a consent order to court will not work. Consent order is when both parents agree on arrangements, and it gets sent to court for approval. On c100 form you choose NO when you see questions about consent order.

Posted : 10/08/2022 10:05 pm

top tips to support your child after breakup

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Sorry that you are still waiting to see your children.


Be patience. The court process can be slow and a first hearing may only happen 3-5 months after filing a C100.


In the meantime don't:

1. Attempt to contact your ex directly.

2. Don't attempt to contact any of her family members of turn up at their homes. This can be considered harassment and could result in negative outcomes.


Only community with your ex through her solicitor or social worker. 


Be extremely calm in communications, don't make admissions and answer questions as concisely and simple as possible. If this might be a challenge then instruct a solicitor.

Posted : 11/08/2022 9:24 am
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Thank you both. I e mailed the court to withdraw the application and they came back "Thank you for your email.

Please complete the attached form FM1 and return.

We can then attach the form to your application and providing the application passes the administrative checks the application can be issued."


I filled it in and sent it back and asked if i need to fill in form c1 or c2 as well or the c100 i have already filled in and submitted is enough. Coz fm1 says it comes with c1 or c2. 

Topic starter Posted : 11/08/2022 9:09 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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