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Divorce and Pension Entitlement

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Hoping I can receive guidance in regard to Divorce and Pension Entitlement. Currently going through a divorce after 23 years together, sons are 21 and 17 years old, so obviously no young children involved.

We are trying to have an amicable divorce, my wife has left and I currently have the house (including mortgage) and 2 sons and pet dog.

My wife only wishes to claim half the equity of the house sale and will not claim my pension or savings, she will put this in writing and signed off by a solicitor.

I have read that if an ex wife claims a partners NI contributions, this will not affect the amount I will receive, is this true?

As I also have a company pensions, I assume if she were to claim these, then it would affect the amount I would receive? 

Is it possible to rewrite our separation of assets agreement if the above 2 conditions are true, that she will not claim my private pensions?  

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2024 9:53 pm
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I have limited knowledge in this area, but I suggest if solicitors can draft a consent order with these agreements, so it can be approved by court and become legally binding.

Posted : 27/05/2024 10:53 pm

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Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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