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Do Contact Centre Reports Matter?

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Hey everyone,

Just a question really. I’ve had 4 supervised sessions at a contact centre now and they’ve written on the most recent notes that their recommendation is that there are no concerns and for the centre to be used as a handover service only. 

in your opinion will this matter to the court or will they just overlook this? 

Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2022 5:55 am
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Some dads are dissapointed when they are restricted to just supervised contact. However contact reports carry heavy weighting and can be used as evidence to dispute allegations that:

-A child doesn't want spend time with you.

-A child has behavioural challenges. 

-You are unable to meet a child's needs.

-You are aggressive or violent towards children.

-You have behavioural or mental health issues.


When the courts consider a child's wishes they are mainly interested in ascertained rather than expressed wishes. Witness statement by a social worker is the strongest factual evidence for a child's ascertained wishes.

If your contact reports are positive then you are in strong position and will be fine.


Family court's position is that a child.should continue to see both parents unless it's unsafe to do so. They aim to order as much contact that is practically possible.

The burden is on the applicant or respondent to provide factual evidence to convince the court that contact with the other parent should be reduced. 

Posted : 07/07/2022 6:40 am

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Positive contact notes helped me to prove alienation is taking place.

Good set of contact notes can only be a good thing, it's good if you can build up a rapport with the contact staff. 

Posted : 07/07/2022 3:57 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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