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Ex partner claiming domestic abuse in Child Arrangement Issue.

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Some help needed please. 

I separated with my ex wife nearly 2 years ago and have had nothing but issues every since when trying to have more contact with my daughter. I currently see her twice a week with no over nights stays.

My ex didn't allow my daughter to enter my home for 6 months as she fabricated a dog allergy and said she would be in danger if she did. An allergy test proved my ex made it up and my daughter can now come to my home.

I have now asked for over night stays and age has now sighted through a solicter that these will not be allowed as I was abusive when together and also acted aggressive in front of our daughter and continue to do so... This has never been mentioned before and it is also not true. She will stop at nothing to make up lies to try and control how much I see my daughter.

She refused mediation saying she did not want it and I have now been given my letter to apply for a COA. I am now worried over the false allegations she has made. It ia horrible to be accused of these things when they are so far from the truth. I really hope a judge can see through it. I have so much evidence since we separated to show how she has been unreasonable herself and very manipulative.


Is there anything I can do to help me better prepare for court? What exactly will happen now she has made these allegations via the solicter.



Topic starter Posted : 24/11/2021 3:26 pm
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yes it must be very stressful when her solicitors send you letters containing allegations. I think the best approach is to be 100% child-focused, as court will decide on what's in best interests of child. courts social workers (CAFCASS) may look into her allegations. if their petty or false, they may get ignored or dismissed. how old is your child and what arrangements are you seeking?

Posted : 24/11/2021 3:46 pm

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I can say been there worn the T-shirt my son who is 17 going on 18 daughter 13 going on 14 there x played that game and courts played to her hand and Cafcass played there part so for 18 month’s with no contact.

There was no findings all false!

X has used my Son and turned my Daughter against me.


As x said she has her own little family and living of Benefits.

Blames me for everything etc


That’s why I chose no contact etc until the children can make up there own minds and see what there Mum has done (using them like a porn)


So be very careful keep all records and Correspondence as you will require and if they sign a statement within court it means nothing as my x has broken that statement more than once and nothing has happened as the courts do-not want to know.

keep focused on the children donot say bad things against x as that will be a red rag to CAFCASS.

90% of the time the court is on the side of the parent who has custody of the children meaning Mum (Dad or Male) is always treated as the Bad person.

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Posted : 24/11/2021 3:47 pm

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