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Question about re-locating with kids - UK based

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Hey everyone, wondering if others could share advice / opinions / experiences.

My partner has two kids - 7 and 14. The father of the kids lives 20 miles away with his new wife and kid.

The kids spend 2-4 nights a week at their dad's. He and my partner have a reasonably pleasant relationship.

Me and my partner would like to relocate at some point in the next five years, pref before her youngest starts secondary school (at age 11).

The area we'd like to move to would be 50 miles from where the dad lives now.


So my partner is worried about what his reaction would be if we proposed such a move; she thinks he would kick up a fuss about moving schools, moving to a new area, and of course a longer journey time for him to see/collect the kids. In the past when they have had disputes he has threatened to get lawyers involved, which may or not be an idle threat but it's one that worries her.


Appreciate that every case is different, but broadly would an attempt to relocate like this be vetoed by a court if it came to it? Would there need to be mitigating factors such as better employment prospects for my partner, better quality of life etc?


Thanks everyone. Feel free to ask questions. 

Topic starter Posted : 20/08/2021 9:55 am
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There are two basic options here - but by far the best is to sit down and talk about it before anything happens and work out something that is aggreable to all of you. You are looking a way into the future, so hopefully you can work together to something you all like. Definitely beats involving the courts in anyway if you can.

Posted : 22/08/2021 1:01 pm

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