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The snip post op

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Hi all, 

New here, been a dad for 2 years now with my son being the eldest and A daughter of 6 months. For my wife and I we’ve decided no more kids please! Even if we were to separate I wouldn’t want anymore. Making that decision at 36 seems reasonable enough to me to get the snip. 

Anyway, I had the procedure done 11 days ago now which was, let’s just say ‘uncomfortable’ at times. It’s healed fine now but I am just curious to know if anyone suffered with testicle pain afterward? My left one hasn’t been feeling great ever since. Sometimes a long lasting dull ache to sharp pain when moving in a certain direction.

After a week, I went back to the surgeon for him to look at me and he said there’s no sign of infection or anything else and it can take 2-3 weeks for pain to subside. 
I read online the same thing too on one site that does the procedures and that we all heal at different rates. I have been feeling pain free on times the more days are going by but I just fear I could be falling into the category before long of PVPS. 

I’ve been generally taking it easy but even jogging causes discomfort that I have to stop. Walking, bending, lifting, even masturbating all fine. 

Anyone else experience similar and if so, how long until you felt back to normal? Thanks,


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Topic starter Posted : 25/08/2023 7:10 pm
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Mu brother in law got it done about a year ago.  He said he was pretty sore for weeks after.  But then it all eased away.

He never heard of post-vasectomy pain syndrome, so it probably wasnt praying on his mind.


But, the good news is - you should be fine in a few weeks.


His brother is actually booking himself in for the same procedure next week.  So, it went well enough for him to recommend it to the bro.


Posted : 27/09/2023 11:46 am

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