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Fathers, Family and Children - George Galloway interview with FNF Director

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Having just become a father for the sixth time, former MP, George Galloway rekindled his interest in the work of FNF(Families Need Fathers) and invited us to discuss with him the much ignored problem of fatherlessness 'the elephant in the room ... contributing to social malaise'.
The interview gave us the opportunity to highlight a range of points.
A problem of epidemic proportions
-65,000 children each year involved in new court applications; 10% of births
-36% of parents separate before children reach 16 years of age
-Most very much want to remain parents to their children
-Prisons full of young men who grew up without their fathers
-The state picking up the bill - the result of poor outcomes to wellbeing of children and parents
-A not fit-for-purpose adverserial family justice system
-Over 7,000 applications for enforcement of orders made in children's best interest, with hardly any of them resulting in enforcement action
-Damaging delays
-No helpful support
-Harm to children's and parents' health
We also discussed solutions such as:
A rebuttable presumption of shared parenting rather than 'contact'
Proper system of parental leave that supports joint care from the start
Early interventions (to resolve disputes without having to go to court)
Child-appropriate timescales for court action
As George said, some of the problems and solutions are a 'statement of the bleeding obvious' yet politicians fail to grapple with them and they don't even have a coherent strategy for the huge number of separated families.
Topic starter Posted : 10/05/2021 10:52 am

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