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Penalised and Persecuted

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False allegations of rape or domestic violence should not only be classified as hate crimes, as it’s a criminal offence in the UK to accuse someone of something that’s not true i.e. its Perjury. However, in the UK it seems to common place for women to lie in a family court. Even if accusations are proved to be lies, the UK courts seem reluctant to stop it by sentencing the guilty party for perjury. This effectively is causing a mockery of British law and solicitors and advocates seem to be making huge amounts of money in a situation that can only be best described as total chaos.

The UK government department, that deals with this matter is the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) and to be frank, they don’t seem to want to do a dam thing, even though men are losing their lives at an alarming rate. My impression of why not, is because the last thing they want is to pick up these additional costs of supporting children, so effectively they support the woman though the CMS by hammering men financially. This is before a woman has taken 50% or quite often more, of everything the man owns including his pension.

Some rather alarming statistics are as follows: In 91% of cases of custody battles, or access to children, women in the UK get awarded the children. Out of every 10 custody cases in the UK, 1 of these, the man will never get to see his children again in his life time. I’m left asking myself the reason why this is? Research has showed, that the main reasons why women seem to be doing this is certainly not for the welfare of the children but rather, for control, hatred, greed and or financial reasons..

This effectively means (as in my case) a woman in the UK can have an affair, force her husband out of the family home, stop him (with a court orders) from coming near the house, ban him from seeing his children and take at least 25% of his salary before tax. I ask you is it any small wonder that men are struggling to cope with this? On top of this men are being accused of having mental health issues if they struggle to cope, whilst all the time they are expected, or trying, to hold a job down, so they can keep paying for the mortgage of a property they are no longer allowed to live in. I would argue that any man that doesn’t struggle with this, has serious mental health issues! The problem is when you do ask or admit that you need help, then this is often used against you in court, usually by your x-partners solicitors, or by Caff Cass, which is another UK government body, that in my opinion is completely useless.

In summary I’m left with the following impression: Penalised and persecuted

1. The UK law is a total farce when it comes to family matters.
2. The UK government won’t do a dam thing to help or stop this prejudice against men. In fact I would go further and say they are complicit.
3. The concept of equality in our society today, is just that, i.e. it’s a concept.
4. Children and men are being penalised by vengeful mothers. (hell hath no fury)
5. The biggest form of child abuse in the UK is vengeful women stopping their children from seeing their fathers.

Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2018 12:56 pm

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