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[Solved] Monitoring internet use

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Since this is my first post...Hi guys! My name's Harry, proud dad of two 10 and 12 yo girls.

My question for you is this: What app do you recommend that I use in order to monitor my two girls when they use their PC.
My oldest daughter is using Facebook, quite frequently I might add. And my youngest is not far behind.
While I don't want to forbid or to literally impose limits, I'd really like to use an app like this.

So, I've browsed through review sites and stuff. But what would actual dads recommend?

Topic starter Posted : 13/02/2014 4:56 am
Illustrious Member

Hi and welcome

I must admit, I don't monitor my 15 year old, but my 22 year old daughter is a friend of hers on facebook, so she keeps and eye out on my behalf. It is a very difficult area as it moves so fast, so I'd be quite interested on other dads views as well.

Posted : 15/02/2014 10:34 pm
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I haven't used one of these products personally (My internet is filtered and monitored through my firewall 😉 ) But I do know people that have used a free product called Qustodio.

This might suit your needs. Like I say, I haven't used it personally but I know people who have!

Here is the link!

Posted : 12/02/2015 8:53 pm
Estimable Member Registered

I don't use any such monitors with my kids, but then they are of younger age and only use the internet for school homework purposes. Given my knowledge on IT I probably won't monitor what they use when they're older, i'll just lock down what is accessible via the computers they use at home.

However saying that wouldn't you trust your child enough to tell you if something such as bullying or inappropriate behaviour was going on.

Posted : 25/02/2015 1:37 am
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inappropriate behaviour was going on.

Posted : 25/04/2017 12:48 pm
Full Time Dad
(@Full Time Dad)
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I second Qustodio also, I use it for my sons devices to limit the time spent on them and use extra time as a reward for hard work good behaviour etc.

Other features depending on how you want to use it are;
Panic mode, if you find suspicious behaviour the devices will become locked
Previous history and web searches
Social media logging
Website blocker

It's well worth it to pay for premium as you can install on upto 5 devices, though do bear in mind that it uses data when they are out of wifi range so you may need a good data package

Posted : 05/06/2017 2:30 am
New Member Registered

I'm using a professional software, MoniVisor, to check my daughter's online activities on PC.

Posted : 04/06/2021 11:24 am

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