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Looking to speak to Dads about young people's mental health

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Hi all,

My name’s Vanessa…not a Dad myself, but I’m looking to connect with some Dads here who might have an interest in young people’s mental health. I’m a clinical psychologist who works with adolescents and I’m trying to understand more about anxiety in young people and how it might make some young people more likely to develop mental health difficulties in adulthood.

I’m looking for Dads who would be willing to have a chat with me about their perspective of their child’s experience with anxiety or stress. If you have a child who’s over 11, I’d also love to speak to them too about what life is like for them.

My eventual aim is to be able to improve psychological interventions for young people targeting anxiety. I’m hoping this will reduce the risk of young people experiencing more intense or difficult mental health problems in adulthood.

My research is based at King’s College London, but I want to hear from dads all around the country. The research has been reviewed by an ethics committee and given full ethical approval  If you’re interested- please drop me an email: I’m at and I can give you more details about our research. Also just to say, everyone who takes part will be compensated with amazon vouchers (or any voucher of your choice if amazon is not your thing!)


Cheers all,


Topic starter Posted : 28/04/2021 1:02 pm

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