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TRIGGER WARNING: Research Project: Aftercare Techniques and their Effect on the Experiences of Non-Gestational Parents following Prenatal Child Loss

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My name is Rosanna Hitchcox, I am not a parent yet but I want to be one day. I am currently in the process of completing my postgraduate degree in Chiropractic at the AECC University College in Bournemouth. As part of my degree I am conducting a research project looking into the support that is provided to parents following prenatal child loss. The research title I have chosen is “Aftercare Techniques and their Effect on the Experiences of Non-Gestational Parents Following Prenatal Child Loss”. Whilst this is not a chiropractic based topic, the AECC does have an incredible paediatric team and this is an area that I am interested in myself. I am so very aware of the number of people that experience loss each year and I want to help improve the support that is offered. In order to do this I need your help.

“Non-Gestational” is the term being used to describe any parent that has not carried the child themselves. As a chiropractor I will almost certainly come into contact with couples that have children and that may have lost children. It is important to me that I understand the impact this has on an individual so that I may be able to better understand my patients and how their experiences could impact their recovery.


Many individuals will have experienced such loss and if you are one of them then I need your help. No matter your age, gender, sexuality or type of relationship you are/were in, I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out my survey. This survey is totally voluntary and anonymous and can be completed at any time and any location, you an even come back to it if you have left it unfinished. If you get part way through the survey and do not wish to continue then you can pull out at any time simply by closing the page. You are under no obligation to participate or complete this survey. If you are not someone that has experienced prenatal child loss, do not participate or do not finish the survey I would still be very grateful if you could share this post so that others may be able to participate. This will help me to reach more individuals and can improve the accuracy of any data collected and conclusions drawn.

Before the survey questions there is an information and consent section with more information about what this research project is about. Some of the questions in this survey are sensitive in nature so if you do complete the questions then at the end there is an aftercare section. This section has information about different charities and websites that offer help to those that may have experienced prenatal child loss. Please don’t hesitate to use these resources if you feel the need to.

I thank you in advance for your participation or simply just sharing this post, any responses collected will hopefully contribute towards improved aftercare for those that have experienced prenatal child loss.

Topic starter Posted : 18/11/2022 7:53 pm

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