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[Solved] An Idiot Abroad

(@Dear Mr Toblerone)
Trusted Member Registered

Just see an advert for this on Sky1

Ricky Gervais has sent Karl Pilkington on a trip to China to film a documentary. Looks superb. I absolutley love Karl, the radio shows and podcasts have been favourites on my iPod for a few years now.

Cant wait 😀

Topic starter Posted : 17/08/2010 4:03 pm
Super Mario
(@Super Mario)
Noble Member Registered

Are you watching it - it is hilarious!!

The guy is just so funny!

Posted : 01/10/2010 2:49 am
(@Dear Mr Toblerone)
Trusted Member Registered

Sorry Mario, hadn't seen this.

It was brilliant wasn't it? I loved it when the kids were covering him in paint and there was nothing he could do. 😆

Funny thing though, I saw Swammi Gee (sp) the Guru at the end, on a Louis Theroux documentary ages ago, and he was a totally different bloke. Really dark and almost cult like, he couldnt get near him, whereas in this he was a happy go lucky guy with a beard swimming in the Ganges. Just goes to show the difference between a BBC 2 late night budget and a Sky 1 prime time budget I guess........

Anyhoo, looking forward to tomorrow's. I saw the clip last night.
"we have decided you are going on a camel"

Topic starter Posted : 06/10/2010 1:33 pm

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